StingMate® First Aid Gel for neutralizing jellyfish stings is an idea developed from a brief encounter one evening while on vacation in Destin, Fla. While shopping, Julie and Webb Willmott realized the need for treatment and public education about first aid for jellyfish stings so they created StingMate®.

Webb, a long time award winning pharmacist, was picking up a few items in a Destin pharmacy when a frantic customer asked him if he thought Preparation-H could be used to treat his wife’s jellyfish sting. Webb was quick to point out the most effective treatment option included vinegar. After this chance meeting, the Willmott’s had the vision of necessity and began extensive research in their quest to find a first aid solution for jellyfish stings. Julie and Webb, health care providers, quickly discovered myths, confusion and uncertainty over jellyfish stings and, most importantly, the absence of any first aid products associated with a jelly sting. Their goal was to develop a product that would give the millions of beach goer’s peace of mind while on vacation at resort and public beaches surrounding this country.

StingMate®.neutralizing gel contains specific levels of acetic acid and menthol which works by inactivating stinging cells called nematocysts. The menthol provides a cooling sensation for lasting relief. StingMate®. will be available in 4oz bottles which can provide relief for the affected area, small or large, since the patented gel does not run off the body as would plain vinegar. Stingmate®. is much more convenient and practical than bringing a gallon of vinegar on your beach outing. The gel suspends the stinging cells and allows remaining ones to be simply scraped off the skin with any straight edge card.

Despite the public perception including myths, pain, fear and confusion over how best to treat jelly stings, StingMate® tested a number of volunteers at a Pacific Coast aquarium jellyfish controlled research facility. Each volunteer had a 10 inch Pacific Coast Sea Nettle Jellyfish placed across the soft tissue inside their forearms to provide the worst sting scenario. The results provided pain relief within minutes and, after two hours of the intentional sting, 80% of the volunteers had no indication of a sting while 20% had complete pain relief but minor redness still visible. Please see photos documenting our testing on our website,

So, no need to worry about returning to your favorite beach where jelly fish can be found, make StingMate® a must have your next beach visit. StingMate® can be purchased in retail outlets and our website And, if you have any questions about jellyfish, check out our website for information, education on jellyfish including first aid, information on species variety, user testimonials, and many photos featuring the sea animal most misunderstood.